Alyssia Generali

Alyssia has always been passionate about mental health, wellness, and philosophy. She is genuine and emanates curiosity with warmth to discover what best fits an individual, utilizing these characteristics to meet clients’ goals.

Alyssia understands the importance of acknowledging that there is meaning in acknowledging our shadows. Sometimes, there is beauty to be found in healing from despair. Through working in Addictions and Mental Health Alyssia understands that to heal, we must accept ourselves just as we are. Pulling from these skills, Alyssia provides a nonjudgmental humanistic, person-centered approach to help build upon clients’ strengths. Working in Addictions and Mental Health has exposed Alyssia to diversity in the Client base she has worked with, accepting the unique Cultural lens that shapes worldviews to draw upon what works to help Clients set goals, cope, and reach wellness. Her non-judgmental and genuine approach to counseling instills safety in the Counselling space. She specializes in working with Adolescence and Adults who experience a range of challenges or concerns. Alyssia enjoys nature, painting, and self-care.

To reach her please email her at

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