James Klassen

James is drawn to situations to create a safe, warm and compassionate space. He is caring and his ability to join the walk of life with clients where they are at gives an opportunity to allow for new insight & direction in the life of the client.

James, a lifelong learner has worked in the field of Occupational Health and Safety for the last 25 years. He understands the importance of exploring issues and situation’s that may come up in daily life, as well as traumatic issues that may occur suddenly. His natural, supportive, and caring demeanour makes it easy for him to join with a client while walking down the path to self-discovery, while finding humour and joy in unexpected places. His empathetic listening and client centred, non-judgemental approach allows for synergistic solutions of empowerment and freedom. He enjoys hiking, kayaking and anything that involves being in nature. He became a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) as of Aug 2022. You can reach him at james@onthejourney.life

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