Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

“Coaching is practicing  the disciplines of believing in people in order to empower them to change.” – Tony Stoltzfus

The coaching journey is:

L – Liberating

Letting go of limiting beliefs, unrealistic expectations and behaviours that impede your growth is the beginning of transformational change. A coach can assist you in your awareness of these obstacles, staying on track, and helping you develop the skills needed to unblock your path so that you can move forward in freedom.

I – Intentional

You matter. A coach listens with intent because they believe in you and will call out the best in you.  Coaching provides you with a support system, encouragement and accountability to empower you to work towards the goals that are important to you. 

F – Focused

You are in the drivers seat and decide on the agenda.  A coach will help focus the conversation to help you dig deeper and move towards what you want with greater clarity and motivation.  They will help you find your own solutions through questions, systems and strategies. 

E – Effective

Coaching accelerates change, increases your speed of self-discovery and enables you to accomplish more. The transformation that can happen as a result is deeper and long lasting.

Why We Need Life Coaching

Coaching helps you to accomplish your goals and dreams with greater effectiveness, a deeper understanding of yourself and empowerment to overcome limitations.

Reasons to Seek out Life Coaching

  • A habit or skill you want to develop
  • A dream or goal you’d like to pursue in a focused way
  • Discovering or understanding your gifts, dreams, life stage or calling
  • A practical change you want to make to your life patterns 

What We Offer

  • Destiny Discovery
    • Each of us have a God given life purpose. Coaching can help you discover your individual calling and destiny, and bring clarity, alignment and greater fulfillment in your life. In our sessions, we will explore your unique design, passions and experiences, and discern how God may want to use them.
  • Overcoming Obstacles
    • It’s normal to experience bumps in the road or roadblocks on our life journey. A coach can help bring a fresh perspective concerning those  obstacles. In our sessions, we will explore what is holding you back, why you are stuck and address any unproductive thinking patterns or behaviours. We will develop solutions to unblock your path and overcome these challenges so you can move forward in freedom.
  • Life Transitions
    • Whether through personal, career or ministry changes, transition can be difficult and stressful. Coaching can help you maximize your situation and find fulfillment in the next stage of your life. Our sessions will help bring encouragement and direction as we focus on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Personal Growth
    • What things in your life do you want to develop more, or what personal goals would you like to accomplish? Does your emotional wellbeing need some extra attention? Coaching can empower and support you in improving the quality of your life, help to unlock your dreams and experience greater impact and success in your goals.

Fees and Meetings

Our coach’s rate is $75/hour, and session bundles are available.

Together with your coach, you will agree on a convenient time to meet. Typically our coaches meet clients for one hour weekly or bi-weekly, although some may only meet monthly depending on the needs.  Clients typically meet over phone calls, but online format for these sessions may be available as well. The first session is always free of charge to determine the right fit between both individuals.

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